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Pressure dispersion and failure during the installation of spherical roller bear
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After setting different parameters of the loading model, the numerical simulation of the cone assembly and disassembly process is carried out, and the rules of stress and strain change under different bulging pressure and axial thrust are obtained, and the essential factors causing the cone sleeve damage are found out. According to the rules of stress and strain in the cone assembly and the process of operation, we can distinguish whether the wear and wear factors and degree of cone wear happen under different working conditions. Together, the experiment was carried out in the laboratory by using the manufactured spherical roller bearing prototype of two rolling mills. The experimental results indicate that the theoretical analysis results are correct, and find the basic factors of spherical roller bearing damage, and then alleviate the damage of spherical roller bearing to a large extent. The gap element model of the conical sleeve and the roll neck and the main parameters of the L machine spherical roller bearing cones and rolls are installed.
The conical sleeve is a cylindrical shell with variable thickness. Its length is 75Innl. The taper of the inner and outer surfaces of the cone sleeve and the roll neck is 1:30., and the cone sleeve is pushed to the position of the operation to accomplish the interference fit with the roller neck. The spiral oil groove of the cone inner cavity ensures that the spherical roller bearing seat is partly stored during the assembly and disassembly. The high pressure oil can be transmitted quickly in the cone sleeve to make the conical sleeve uniform deformation. The two ends of the conical sleeve are provided with a ring groove to install and seal, so as to ensure the seal of the high pressure oil by the axial two ends of the cone sleeve during the loading and dismantling.
Load processing way sleeve installation of high pressure oil through the oil groove in the sleeve inside and outside the table constitute the expansion type oil chamber, the taper sleeve wall accept spread pressure PL, the swelling pressure spread, and the width of the chamber with spherical roller bearing method, complete machine sleeve and roll sleeve installation drawing interference installation the hydraulic bulging, the sleeve and roll neck is the installation of a 3D elasto plastic deformation process of complex touch. With the amount of interference is added and the size and distribution of the oil pressure adding side roll and roll neck width with the touch of the interference is, because the taper sleeve for cylindrical shell with variable thickness, and different oil pressure sleeve and roll neck elastic contact force distribution is not stable, with the sleeve and roll neck touch the width of the region B.
According to the elastic contact force of the cone sleeve and the roll neck under the maximum interference amount, the relationship between the width of the bulging oil pressure chamber and the bulging oil pressure can be obtained by eight. In the closet chamber, the bulging oil pressure persists in constant quantity. But in the gap element analysis, spherical roller bearing sleeve installation of interference in the process of pressure distribution and the axial thrust load damage spreading, contact production practice, the cone sleeve axial thrust force effect point offset, and to ensure that the force center and roll axis coincidence method to simulate the partial load gap condition.
The mechanical practice under partial load refers to the change of the internal and external table touch stress when the cone is driven, because the thrust of the outer end is uneven. The analysis under the partial load is still carried out in the three step, and the touch stress distribution under the partial load is determined in detail. The loading model with partial load is shown. The loading model applies external load to the half part of the outer surface of the cone sleeve, namely pushing forward and fixing one end of the roller neck. In the meantime, the two transverse axes of the touch stress are the number of the circumferential node and the number of the axial nodes. Can be seen: the sleeve end load partial load area of the loading end to great touch pressure sleeve inner surface pressure exhibiting antisymmetric condition, this is mainly because the sleeve in the partial load on the inner surface constitute a couple caused by. According to the bending limit theorem, the touch stress in these two regions has now exceeded the refractive limit of the data, so it must be worn out.
According to the numerical analysis of three-dimensional nonlinear gap element, the following conclusion can be obtained. During the installation process, the deformation field of cone sleeve and the roll collar and touch pressure distribution rule is a dynamic non-uniform distribution field. Elasto-plastic interaction interference magnitude, shell thickness change and chasm effect have great influence on the dispersion of high stress area. It is indicated that the abnormal behavior of two high pressure zones of cone sleeve is axial and mechanical factors in this area. Under the condition of hydraulic bulging, there is a higher pressure peak near the ends of the cone sleeve and the seal groove, which is the biggest danger to the cone sleeve scratches. In the partial load driven, because the touch surface transition smooth and partial load effect in a couple of inside and outside the table, place the peak pressure in the local area and the adjacent end sealing groove, the ultra high pressure caused the sleeve occurred scratch probability greatly increased.
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