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Deep groove ball bearing noise inspection and judgment for maintenance
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After the end of the deep groove ball bearing installation, in order to check whether the installation is correct, it is necessary to carry out the operation check. Small machines can be rotated by hand to confirm whether the rotation is smooth. The inspection items are not running smoothly due to foreign bodies, scars, and indentation. Due to poor installation, the torque is unstable due to the poor machining of the mounting seat, due to the excessive clearance, the installation error, the excessive torque caused by the friction and so on. If there is no exception, it can start power operation. Large machinery can not be manually rotated, so no load starts, immediately cut off the power, mechanical rotation, check whether there is vibration, noise, rotating parts contact, etc., confirm no abnormalities, then enter the power operation. The power operation starts from the low speed and low speed and slowly increases to the rated operation of the fixed condition. In the trial operation, the items are whether there are abnormal sound, deep groove ball bearing temperature change, lubricant leakage or discoloration, etc. If an exception is found, the operation should be stopped immediately, the machine is checked and the deep groove ball bearing check should be removed if necessary.
The temperature is generally conjectured according to the external temperature of the deep groove ball bearing seat. But it is more accurate to use the oil hole to directly measure the temperature of the deep groove ball bearing outer ring. The temperature of deep groove ball bearing is gradually rising from the start of operation, and the temperature is usually stable after 1~2 hours. If the installation of deep groove ball bearing is bad, the temperature will rise sharply and appear abnormal high temperature. The reasons such as too many lubricants, small deep groove ball bearing clearance, poor installation, excessive friction of the sealing device and so on. The reasons for the high speed rotating occasion, the selection of the structure and the lubrication method are also its reasons.
1) deep groove ball bearing with kerosene wash, pressed into the deep groove ball bearing, to deep groove ball bearing roller ring filling grease Shell No. three to 2/3 of full, wash evenly, install the deep groove ball bearing cover with coated bolt anti loose adhesive fastening bolts to compress the deep groove ball bearing gland;
2) deep groove ball bearing is a detachable cylindrical roller deep groove ball bearing, which should be fitted to the rotating shaft and deep in groove ball ball.
3) the deep groove ball bearing seat is installed on the casing, if there is a grease injection hole, it must be aligned. Tighten the deep groove ball bearing seat with the fastening bolts coated with bolts.
4) the inner and outer eccentricity blocks are installed on the rotating shaft and in place. The shaft key should be loaded into the key slot and reload the outer eccentric block, and the shaft is mounted on the rotating shaft with the shaft.
5) fasten the fastening bolt of the eccentric block, rotate the adjustable eccentric block, make it reach the angle position before unloading and tighten the fastening bolt. After the completion of the above assembly, the shaft should be subjected to a certain axial movement.
6) the protective cover on both ends of the vibration motor is fastened with a screw.
The effect of deep groove ball bearing for the import of vibration motor installation form and other aspects are changed to a certain degree, and from different angles to consider also in the form of a certain change effect, slowly for the installation of various aspects also have a certain understanding.
The use of factors mainly refers to whether the installation and adjustment, maintenance, maintenance and repair are in line with the technical requirements. Installation conditions is one of the leading factors in the use of factors, deep groove ball bearing is often caused by the installation of inappropriate stress state between the various parts of the entire deep groove ball bearing deep groove ball bearing changes in abnormal operation and early failure. According to the requirements of deep groove ball bearing installation, use and maintenance technology, which acted on deep groove ball bearing in the operation of the load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, abnormal immediately find the cause, to restore normal adjustment. In addition, it is also important to analyze the quality of grease and the analysis and inspection of the surrounding medium and atmosphere.
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