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Calibration method for self-aligning ball bearing installation accuracy
Clicks:9140 Date:12-11
After loading the self-aligning ball bearing into the spindle, the order of the installation accuracy is as follows (as an example of a common lathe with a diameter of 60 100mm):
(1) measuring the size of the shaft and bearing seat holes to determine the matching precision of the bearing. The requirements for coordination are as follows:
The inner ring and shaft adopt interference fit, the amount of interference of 0 ~ +4 m (in light load and high precision is 0); combined with the outer ring and the bearing hole by clearance, clearance of 0 ~ +6 ~ m (but bearing on the free end of the use of self-aligning ball bearing, but also can increase the axial gap); with the seat hole surface roundness error below 2 m, the end bearing ring parallel degree below 2 m, in the face of foreign shoulder end beating below 2 m; the bearing hole of the shoulder axis beating below 4 m; the front end face of the axis cover the beat is below 4 mu m.
(2) the installation of the fixed end bearing on the shaft
Will wash with clean kerosene bearing cleaning, for grease lubrication, the organic solvent containing 3% ~ 5% grease into the bearing for degreasing cleaning, then the gun will fill the grease in the bearing (accounting for 10% ~ 15% bearing space volume); heating heating to 30 DEG C to 20 bearings, with press the bearing into the shaft end; the locking sleeve on the shaft and with the appropriate pressure against the end surface of the bearing axial positioning; the spring balance tape on the outer ring of the bearing, preload required by the checking method of starting torque measuring whether there are substantial changes (even if the bearing is correct but, because with the cage or pre load deformation, also may change).
(3) loading the bearing shaft assembly into the seat hole
The heating seat heating holes 20 to 30 DEG C, with continuous gentle pressure bearing assembly into the seat adjustment holes; the front cover, the front cover fastened amount is 0.02 ~ 0.05 M, the bearing outer surface as a benchmark, the dial meter abutted on a shaft neck surface, the axis of rotation measurement of the beating, the error below 10 m; a dial gauge positioned in the shaft, head back hole surface resistance, the axis of rotation to measure the bearing seat after seat hole coaxiality.
(4) the free end bearing is selectively placed in the position that may offset the deviation. It is installed to the rear bearing position of the bearing seat to eliminate the roundness deviation and the coaxality deviation as far as possible.

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